Who we are.

Parachute Media Lab was born out of two producers wanting to do great and interesting work.

Rylaan Gimby

Designer, Post-Production, Interactive
Rylaan has been producing motion graphics, interactive installations, and animation for several years. His ability to solve any technical hiccup has led people to call him “kind of like MacGuyver”.

Kayla Jeanson

Film and Video Producer

Kayla has spent almost 10 years building her capacity as a film and video artist, with her work screening internationally. The way she approaches movement gives her work a refreshing style.


Parachute connects tried and true filmmaking techniques with new media approaches. We enjoy synthesizing the human element of storytelling with critical information. Our audiences don't just idly observe video - they relate and react.


Our hardworking team is dedicated to completing projects of any scale. We have many talented friends and colleagues who we can bring on board, so whether your project needs straight up video, some programming, or interpretive dancing, we got you covered. ;)

Georgia Broadwick – Parachutist
September 17, 1920

It looks like a dream book. Then you suddenly remember it’s all real. Then the long march from the rim of the cave to the edge of the cliff where we flung ourselves off and built our wings on the way down quickens to focus. It’s all here, in a building, in a book.Ray Bradbury